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How Lessons Work

If you are considering a lesson package, the first lesson is always free. In that lesson we can discuss your musical interests/goals, and map out a general outline of how lessons will proceed. This lesson also can be used for you to get a feel for my teaching style, ask any questions you may have, and as an opportunity for you to decide if you want to commit to drum lessons with me.

Should you decide to proceed, lesson packages are available for 12, 16, 20, and 30 lesson packs. After the lesson package is complete, you can sign on for another package, or discontinue lessons.

If you are simply looking for a one-off lesson, the fee is chf75 an hour.

Should you choose to sign up for larger lesson packages, they come with a reduction in hourly cost:

  • Basic Plan (12 lessons): chf720 [chf65/hr]

  • Silver Plan (16 lessons): chf880 [chf60/hr]

  • Gold Plan (20 lessons): chf1,000 [chf55/hr]

  • Platinum Plan (30 lessons): chf1,350 [chf45/hr]

All the above plans can also be paid monthly instead of in one installment. However you choose to proceed, you will sign a contract formalizing the commitment to one of the above plans.


If you live in Basel-Stadt or Basel-land, lessons can be done at your desired location, or you can come to me. Alternatively, we can also meet elsewhere -- for example, there are practice spaces in Basel that can be rented, but then you (the student) will be asked to pay the cost for the rental.

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